About Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT)

What is IMT?

You know when you have some kind of pain (physical, mental and/or emotional) going on, but you get stuck in figuring out how to deal with it?

Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT) helps you get un-stuck, and to learn new ways to bring new tools and peace in your life.

IMT helps clients feel capable, competent, empowered to make positive changes, and strengthen their resiliency. IMT is a healing method based in yoga and neuroscience. Your IMT practitioner will help you make behavior shifts to move toward optimal well-being. IMT sessions use movement, meditation, breath techniques, and mindfulness practices to facilitate the exploration of the whole mind / body / spirit system. 


Frequently asked questions:


What's the difference between private yoga sessions and Integrated Movement Therapy® (IMT)?

Great question! 

  • IMT helps people with pain that is complex.  People seek IMT because they have conditions like chronic pain, trauma recovery, major life transitions, cancer, loss of a loved one, PTSD, Parkinson's, ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, traumatic brain injury, etc.

  • While any qualified yoga teacher can do a private yoga session, only certified IMT therapists can do an IMT session.  IMT therapists have over 800 hours of training in this healing modality.  The minimum training for a certified yoga teacher is 200 hours.

  • IMT is seldom done in one visit.  The method thrives with the structure, continuity and partnership between student and teacher.

  • To get the best results from IMT, we recommend starting with three sessions (see Intro Package below).

Integrated Movement Therapy® is a healing modality that utilizes yoga, mindfulness practices and neuroscience to help people with their life challenges.

We can help you if you are looking to:

  • reduce pain

  • increase a sense of control in your life

  • get better sleep

  • cope with social or emotional challenges

Sometimes people use IMT in conjunction with other therapies; sometimes IMT takes the place of other therapies; and sometimes IMT simply stands alone or is the first place someone has turned for help. 

What does an Integrated Movement Therapy® session look like?   Each IMT session will be highly individualized to meet the needs of the student. For adults, individual sessions are 60 minutes. Children's sessions, either individual or group, vary in length from 30-60 minutes and consist primarily of yoga-based games and activities that build skills in a natural way. 

  • It starts with some talking, to figure out what's best to work on that day,

  • It involves some centering and grounding, (could be breath, meditation, visualization)

  • It includes movement - what helps reduce this pain, worry, distress?

  • And it always ends up with some relaxing!

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