Class Descriptions

Practicing Yoga

Gentle &

Gentle Core Strengthening

These classes accessible poses to help body awareness, improve flexibility and relieve pain. Combines seated, standing and floor postures. Build body awareness as you strengthen your core, stretch, relax. (Gentle classes can be done in a chair).

Taught by E.B., Liz

& Leigh

Fit Couple

Chair Yoga 

Great for those with chronic pain and mobility challenges.  Or for a movement break in your work day. Using the support of a chair, explore movement, breath and meditation techniques.

Taught by E.B.

Woman in Red Dress

Mindful Flow 

Body-breath awareness, includes flowing & static poses. Energize, release stress, discover personal strength and rhythm.  Moderate exertion.

Taught by Laura & Rachel

Yoga Block

Strength & Balance 

Many standing postures, with some on floor. Build strength and balance. Appropriate for all students who want to work at their own level of challenge.

Taught by Leigh, Kusum & Rachel


Yoga Nidra

Through guided relaxation, done in a lying down posture, release accumulated tension. This class is helps participants connect with their bodies, minds & spirits.

Taught by Raegan

Senior Yoga


Mindfulness meditation that involves bringing present moment awareness to inner and outer experiences, supporting our capacity to respond to life with wisdom and kindness.

Taught by Neera & Leigh 

Photo of young Black man relaxing on floor with legs over two yoga bolsters and head on blanket.


Passive floor postures with maximal props to support. Relax nervous system, nurture, heal, quietly explore, care for self.

Taught by Brandon



A quiet practice on the floor where poses are held for 3-5 minutes. You do not have to be flexible to enjoy the benefits of deep stretching.

Taught by Kusum