Karen Gilkison

Karen's first experience with yoga,was when she watched Lilias Folan on public television, after a day at high school. She soon began to practice on her own, and experienced a release of pain and tension in her body and mind. Yoga felt like freedom. 

"My body had, for several years (since developing a rare medical condition, and subsequent surgery,at age 11) been a source of physical and emotional pain, that I yearned to escape from. "

Karen is inspired by seeing her students re-connect with themselves through yoga and to experience more ease, joy and fullness in their lives. Her teaching style tends to be gentle and calming, while providing opportunity for deep inner explorations.  She draws from a variety of healing modalities. Karen is particularly interested in adapting yoga to fit different bodies, enjoys teaching beginners as well as seasoned students with years of experience-in life and yoga.


Karen has been a yoga instructor for 12 years, received her 250 hour certification from Seattle Holistic Center with Shari Friedrichsen and has studied with numerous instructors. Karen is a volunteer with Living Yoga, as well.

Classes With Karen

Gentle Yoga

Sundays at 9:00am