Our IMT Practitioners

We have a several IMT practitioners who are available at differing times during the week.  Right now, only Amy Armstrong has openings for children.  At some times of the year, we have student therapists.  During this time, people can participate in our "Student Clinic" for a reduced rate.  Please inquire at info@unfoldportland.com

Amy Armstrong
IMT Practitioner

Amy has been an IMT therapist since 2010, and a yoga teacher since 2004,  with a continuous focus on a breath-centered, heart-centered practice of personal empowerment.  Amy works in a highly adaptable and responsive way, recognizing that the relationship between teacher and student is a partnership. She draws on her extensive training in yoga, yoga therapy, anatomy, and yoga philosophy to offer an experience of healing that fits each unique client.  Her two areas of specialty are working with neurological and/or developmental conditions, and working with pregnancy and childbirth recovery.

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Bonny has been a yoga teacher since 2008, and drawing from her own lived experience as well as extensive training, teaches through an accessible, body-positive/affirming lens. As an IMT therapist, she uses invitational language and techniques to support and nurture clients in exploring their potential, accessing their agency, and discovering their capacity for healing.


Bonny specializes in working with seniors, adults with disabilities, and individuals with chronic illness/injury. She is dedicated to, and is experienced in, serving both POC and LGBTQIA+ clients.

Bonny Chipman

IMT Practitioner

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 E.B. Ferdig
Co-creator, Unfold

IMT Practitioner

E.B. specializes in helping women with anxiety to live their lives more fully, to realize their full potential in their work, love and life.  She has personally wrestled with her own anxiety and depression challenges, and loves the relative ease that yoga and meditation bring her on a daily basis.  She especially likes gentle and restorative movement - to help calm the body and mind. 

E.B. has been an Integrated Movement Therapy practitioner for over seven years, and is a trainer of that yoga therapy modality.  She is a co-owner of unfold studios.  For a free 20-minute consultation to learn more about yoga therapy and how it might help you, please contact E.B.

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Rachel Plies
Co-creator, Unfold

IMT Practitioner

Rachel enjoys working with people who are curious about how yoga can become a part of their daily lives. She offers a safe space to co-create practices that can inform healthy patterns in her clients lives.  Her specialty is working with people who struggle with chronic pain and degenerative diseases. She brings focus, energy, compassion, and sensitivity to her classes and therapy sessions. 

Rachel is a co-owner of unfold studios and an Integrated Movement Therapy trainer and mentor. See is available in person or via Skype for IMT sessions.

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