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A Letter of Gratitude & Mystery to our Unfold Community

Our topic for November is mystery. How often do we really let things just be in the realm of mystery? And what would/could be the benefit?

Personally, I tend to lean to the controlling side of that spectrum. I think it's due to lots of factors, including personality, privilege and gender identity. But in any case, I spent a lot of my life wanting to create just-right situations for myself and the people I care about (note: the people I care about includes you, :).

But part of creating the just-right situation, includes thinking that we know what is just right. I can spend all kinds of time planning, thinking of potential variables, and putting things into place, so that everything felt safe again. It makes me realize that some aspects of not-knowing feels not safe. In that way, it seems like avoidance of not-knowing is understandable. Because who wants to feel not safe?

But what I keep learning (and keep integrating) is that sometimes we just don't know, and we can't know. And the illusion that we can know things is a seductive one. We think we know, but we don't really. We don't really know how today will go, because the factors that influence our lives are not yet known. Something could happen in the next 15 minutes that changes the trajectory of our lives forever.

So, what is the benefit of potentially leaning into the mystery? Letting go. Letting ourselves feel the immensity and complexity of all of it. Feeling like a part of something larger. We can't really know the mystery of the greater thing. But can we benefit from being with the natural unfolding? I say that we can (though it goes against my conditioning to do so).

I know that the the only way that I get to experience my spiritual life is to lean into the mystery of the unknown. The only way that my relationships will grow is to be with the unknown. (Because if those relationships are staying the same, they are not growing. If they are growing, it is in ways yet unknown.) Professional, activist or volunteer lives - same story.

Ultimately, there is no growth without mystery. So, will you join me, holding hands, stepping into the mystery? Truly, this is the benefit of community. Having people that you're committed to growing with. It's worth it. It's worth not-knowing.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and the growth that you've enabled us to have. Being in the mystery isn't always comfortable, but it creates a richness that we've all benefitted from, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


E.B. and the Unfold team: Leigh, Rachel, Leah, Liz, Karen, Carol, Laura, Diane, Ashley, Bethany, Kusum, Justine, Jenn, Rose, Laura, Jazzy, Natascha, Bonny & Michelle!

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