Rasa - Deep Appreciation for Everyday Moments

Abundant life is returning to nature all around us. It’s showing up with the early flowers, the faint color of the buds on the trees and shrubs, and a little less chill to the air. This is a perfect time to revisit the practice of taking a moment in the midst of our activities and busy lives to simply notice this abundance and let the joy radiate through our body and our being.

This simple practice is a way to energetically dust off the dullness of cold and dark days, the bulky clothes and too much time inside! We can turn with the season and connect more meaningfully to inner growth and seeing possibility. It's also the perfect practice to partner with Unfold’s topic this month, asteya (non-stealing).

With all the unbelievable acts of violence that people perpetrate on each other, it's hard not to get sucked into fear and blame. That's a perfectly human reaction to dreadful events. And with readily available access to ongoing updates, we can forget that there is plenty in our lives that is good, honest, and beautiful.