Rose Bak

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I started practicing yoga more than 20 years ago as a way to manage painfrom spinal fusion surgery and scoliosis.  Between limited back mobility and living in a larger body, I discovered that many traditionally trained teachers didn't know what to do with me.  Teachers were often unprepared to adapt poses for those whose bodies were different. Gradually I learned to adapt yoga poses for my own unique body and grew to love the practice.  


When I first came to Unfold I knew I'd found a place I could belong. Teachers and students looked like me, and the people I knew. Skilled and caring teachers who worked to make every pose accessible to any person, regardless of age, size, or flexibility inspired me to deepen my own practice.  I enrolled in the Unfold Yoga Teacher Training Program and became a Yoga Alliance certified RYT 200-hour certified teacher in 2019.


I teach yoga for people like me, who think they can't do yoga because they don't have a "yoga body" or they aren't flexible enough.  My classes are individualized and focus on working with one's unique body to get the most benefit from every class.   I have a particular passion for teaching those in larger bodies, those who are new to yoga, and those with back issues like scoliosis.  Yoga can be life changing, but it can also be fun so I try to add a little humor into our practice.


Rose is also available for private yoga classes.


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