Is Unfold's Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance certified?

Unfold has opted to offer our yoga teacher training within the 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance certification framework for two main reasons.  Firstly, we intend and hope that our trainees will use the experience and information they gain in our training to teach and share the info in non-traditional settings (i.e. not only in yoga studios).  We hope that they will teach in community centers, assisted living facilities, community health organizations and activist organizations.  Often these organizations don't have an understanding of how yoga education and certification works.  At this time, the Yoga Alliance is the only major yoga teacher certification organization.  So, this gives partner organizations some peace of mind regarding training and proficiency. 


Secondly, although there are criticisms regarding what certification really represents, we respect the process that Yoga Alliance has undertaken to review and revamp it's certification system.  It conducted a massive survey worldwide in 2018 to understand people's perspectives on yoga teaching, from around the world.  And it currently has eight working groups addressing issues that matter to people concerned, including scope of practice, core curriculum, accessibility and inclusivity, testing, qualification of trainers, etc.  This process is comprehensive.  The working groups will make recommendations to Yoga Alliance, and we expect that they will issue new certification guidelines and requirements in the next year or so. (For more info, please check out: https://yastandards.com/)


It's difficult to say how yoga should or should not be taught.  However this process goes, we know that the process of certifying yoga teachers is not perfect, and there will always be more work to be done.  We certainly have our own opinions about how to teach yoga, which differ from most other studios we know.  We tend to place a very high priority on adaptive techniques, accessibility and yoga for social justice.  But we are glad to be a part of an organization (Yoga Alliance) that is truly doing due diligence regarding issues that are important to us, and to the larger yoga community, particularly to include a more broad range of voices.  Due to this, we will continue to offer our yoga teacher training within the Yoga Alliance Certification system.