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Explorations in Energy: Chakras

Your Wheels in Motion

  • Started Feb 27
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This year we will begin a set of workshops that revolve around the yogic views of energy, and how you can tune into and use the awareness of these subtle energy forms. The first workshop offering is about the chakra system. Have heard of chakras and are curious about what people are talking about? Are you interested in learning more about the energetic maps that are part of the knowledge handed down from the ancients in South Asia? Or interested in tuning into your own body with a different awareness? The word chakra is Sanskrit and translates as wheel. The teachings are that we all have these energetic wheels or centers that are associated with different attributes that can help or hinder us in our daily lives. Class will consist of information, discussion, and experiential breath, movement and sound that can help you tune into the nature of your body's chakra system. Come prepared with a journal or something to write with, a yoga mat and comfortable place to sit (cushion or chair) There are 2 BIPOC scholarships available. Please email to inquire. Leigh is a co-founder of Unfold, and has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years. She is inspired by the flow of life and how everything can lead us back to the love that is at the center of our being alive in this time and place.

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