Student Clinic Program

Welcome to the Integrated Movement Therapy student clinic program. This is a program where qualified Integrated Movement Therapy practitioners-in-training have the opportunity to practice their skills, gain insight into the IMT process, and learn to work in a semi-clinical environment.


All of the students in this program have trained for over 200 hours in Integrated Movement Therapy, working their way toward their 1000 hour Yoga Therapy credential with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. They are matched with clients based on the recommendation and review of a certified IMT practitioner and therapy training mentor.


In this program, the client pays $175 for an intake session with the IMT student and a certified IMT practitioner and therapy training mentor. Following the intake, the mentor gives feedback and recommendations to the student relative to on-going therapy based on the client’s stated goals. After this initial consult, the student and client schedule six additional sessions – five therapy sessions and one exit interview. Session duration is based on client needs.


The student is loosely supervised in the sessions, supervision may be limited to the mentor asking questions or providing feedback on a session plan. The student IMT therapist is practicing independent critical thinking, processing and planning, and evaluation skills.


After six consecutive sessions (one intake and five follow-up sessions - must be completed within eight weeks) the student and client will participate in an exit interview process with the mentor, in which the client gives feedback to the student and the student does a self-evaluation which may be discussed with the client as appropriate.



If as a client, you would specifically like to continue with your assigned student therapist, it is possible that you may continue with the student, or therapist at their current rate.