Studio Rental

Outdoor View

Hourly Rates:

​2 hour minimum rental (unless ongoing)
(include 15 min after and before grace period if possible)
Sky studio: $40/hr  size is 31’*21'
Sand studio: $40 /hr size is 31’*16’

Long Term Rental & 4+ hours:

When renting 4 hours or more or if renting weekly for a minimum of 3 months:
Either studio - $35/hr


Frequent Rental:

$30 hourly rental for ongoing 6+ hours a week


ADA compliant 
Yoga Mats
Yoga props
Access to our waiting room
Two bathrooms
16 folding chairs
Folding tables available upon request
Video screen

Sand Studio


31’ x 16’

Hourly Rate:  

$40 /hr
Long Term Rental & 4+ hours: $35/hr

Frequent Rental: $30/hr

Sky Studio


31’ x 21’

Hourly Rate:  

$40 /hr
Long Term Rental & 4+ hours:

Frequent Rental: $30/hr

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