Partneres & Allies

Molly Lannon Kenny

The Samarya Center for Human Kindness

Our method of teaching from a partnership, non-hierarchical perspective comes from Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT), a yoga-based therapy modality created by Molly Lannon Kenny.  IMT is centered in each person's inherent wholeness.  For more info about IMT, please see the tab above.

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Richmond Clinic 

Until COVID hit, we had been teaching regular classes at Richmond Clinic for their community since 2012.  We look forward to being able to start these classes again in the future.


For many years we have offered free LoveYourBrain series classes at Unfold.  Many of our teachers are LoveYourBrain-certified to teach TBI-friendly classes.  Now, during COVID, LoveYourBrain has taken their programming into an online format, and several Unfold teachers continue to teach this programming. 

We also continue to offer TBI-friendly programming for anyone who has sustained a traumatic brain injury.  These classes are denoted by an *asterisk in our schedule and are appropriate for those with TBI's as well as all other people.

Catholic Charities

We are grateful to teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness to Catholic Charities staff (both English and Spanish-language classes) so that they can continue to serve people impacted by social injustice.

Living Yoga

We have a great deal of overlap with Living Yoga in our teachers, and are grateful for their constant commitment to social equity and delivery of yoga to trauma-impacted communities, especially correctional facilities and addiction recovery centers.  We support them, as we are able, in donation of studio space, fundraisers and collaboration.

Central City Concern

Old Town Recovery Center

We have been providing volunteer yoga teaching at the Old Town Recovery Center since 2012.  We are inspired by the work of resident psychologist, Dr. Phil Shapiro, and his  "Healing Power" books that utilize a non-dogmatic, spiritual approach to pain management.  We utilize his 100 healing qualities for our "dharma talk" topics of the month at Unfold.

Home Forward

We feel honored to be able to teach at several Home Forward housing facilities.  Home Forward is the largest provider of affordable housing in the state of Oregon to those who encounter barriers to housing because of income, disability or special need. 

Brain Injury Connections NW

We are grateful for the work of BICNW in connecting the Traumatic Brain Injury community with resources in our area.

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Om Thrive

Unfold provides a safe, trauma-sensitive landing place for survivors transitioning from participating shelters. 

Oatfield Estates Senior Living

an Elite Care Facility

We are delighted to provide teachers for seniors with a variety of abilities and needs.  Our compassionate teachers manage the needs of active seniors, as well as those with memory care and other health challenges. This has been meaningful work for the Unfold team, as well as residents and staff.

At Unfold we value and treasure our wonderful partners.  We collaborate with partners in a variety of capacities and invite you to contact us regarding opening a dialog on how we can best work together!