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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? 

We teach entirely online, utilizing the Zoom platform.  


What do I need to do to prepare for a class?

  • Connect to the class 5-10 minutes early so you know you're connected, can say hello to your teacher and let them know anything you'd like to, and settle-in before class begins.

  • Note: your link will come to you when you register for class, and 15 min before class, AND you can always find it in your My Bookings tab in upper right corner, when you're logged in.

  • Wear comfortable workout or relaxation attire. Layers are best, as your body temperature may change throughout your practice. Many people practice yoga in bare feet, but wear socks for warmth or shoes for support if you like.

  • Avoid practicing movement classes with a full stomach.

What props do I need?

This depends on which class you're taking.  

A mat - For more active movement classes, a yoga mat can be great for padding or traction.  

A strap & a block - Great options for most movement classes.

Firm blankets & pillows (or bolster) - great for support, especially for yin/restorative & nidra.

When should I arrive to class?
For your first class, please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your class, so you can say "hi" to your instructor (if you like!)  For following classes, please arrive at least five minutes before class, so your instructor can check you in and and you can get settled. 

Do I need to tell anyone that I am new to practicing yoga or am new to the studio?
We love to know about you!  There are many ways to let us know what's going on with you, including the booking form, for every class you book.  You can share info with your teacher this way, by Zoom chat, or by actually chatting at the beginning of class.  Part of what makes Unfold different from other online classes is personal relationship.  We encourage you to engage, as you like.

Do I have to keep my camera on?

No, you are welcome to have your camera on or off, for any reason.  Some people like to keep their cameras on, if they want that kind of connection to their instructor.  This is one way our instructors can better personalize instruction.  But it's totally up to you and what feels right to you.

Do you offer private yoga classes? 

We offer Integrated Movement Therapy, which is highly individualized, but different from private yoga classes.  With IMT, one of our therapists works with you to support a particular life challenge, using yoga tools.  Learn more here.

Do you offer any free, community or donation-based classes?  

We offer scholarships and discounts for all of our services.  You can find scholarships for membership at the bottom of the membership page.  If something you are interested is not affordable and you cannot find the scholarships for it, please email us at to see if we have scholarships still available for that offering.  

Do you provide yoga for older adults?

Yes!  All of our classes are appropriate for older adults and for people of all abilities.

What are your prices?  

All of our pricing can be found here.

What types of payment do you accept? 

We accept credit cards and debit cards.

(Debit cards are preferred, as associated fees are less expensive for us).

Do you offer drop-in classes? 

Yes, many different classes to choose from.  Here is our schedule.


Do you sell gift certificates?  

Not at this time.

Do you offer refunds?

For monthly memberships that are automatically processed/paid, we don't offer refunds.

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