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At Unfold, we work with all kinds of people. 

Unfold is a GLBTQIA+ friendly community. 


Our classes are trauma-informed and many of our teachers have training and experience working with people with traumatic brain injury.

All of our yoga instructors are trained to meet each student where they are on any given day.  We endure to utilize language that is inclusive and welcoming.  We realize that this is an active practice, and therefore welcome feedback regarding any language that would make our students more welcome.

All of our classes are unconditionally welcoming to people of all backgrounds, abilities, genders, ages, sizes and beliefs. You will find our teaching style to be particularly compassionate and accommodating to your individual needs.

In addition to teaching physical movements and shapes, we utilize "dharma talks" at the beginning of each class to discuss practical tools for everyday life and weave them into class for a holistic experience.

We uphold that yoga is a state of knowing peace through connection to self, others and the universe. We place as much emphasis on yoga philosophy as on yoga asana - the movement and poses we commonly think of in the West.

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