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Unfold was founded by Leigh Drake, E.B. Ferdig and Rachel Plies.  We were inspired by our training in Integrated Movement Therapy and Samarya Yoga to create a community that is unconditionally welcoming, and where people could grow and learn together.  Integrated Movement Therapy & Samarya Yoga were created by Molly Lannon Kenny.

We believe in the "big yoga"  - that is using various yoga practices: movement, breath, meditation and philosophy to help ourselves and others make this world a better place.  Because of this, we emphasize the use of community  dharma talks at the beginning of each class, so that students can consider how they might take their yoga off the mat and into the real world.

our mission

We make yoga practices accessible to all.  Within an unconditionally welcoming environment, we explore yoga through movement, meditation and contemplation. We practice in the studio to feel better in everyday life. Whether you’re coming to your first class or looking for a deeper dive, Unfold offers body-positive yoga classes, yoga therapy, and continuing education for yoga teachers and wellness professionals.

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