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Kusum Rao (they/them)

Kusum Rao assisting student in reclined cobbler pose.

I began my yoga journey at seven years old. An early riser, I would wake up with my father and do his morning Surya Namaskar sun salutation ritual. While I didn't quite understand the importance this ritual held for my father at the time, I did find a sense early morning calm and connection to place. 

In my late teens, in search of help with issues of depression and anxiety,  I returned to yoga and deepened my practice. 

When I first started taking classes at Unfold, I knew I had found a stong sense of connection and community. The studio's philospohy deeply resonated with me and I knew I wanted to further expand my practice on a philosophical level. In the fall of 2017 I started my 200-hour teacher training through The Samaraya Center with Molly Lannon Kenny and completed in spring 2018. 

I truly believe in the benefits of this practice, that by learning more about our ourselves we can begin to heal and hold space for others. Everyone deserves to feel joy and safety in their bodies; I aim to create a nurturing and respectful space where you can come exactly how you are and reconnect with yourself. 

Kusum is a LoveYourBrain certified teacher and their classes are TBI-friendly.

Classes With Kusum

Yin Yoga

Sundays at 5pm pst

Thursdays at 7pm pst

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