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More Testimonials

"Unfold's yoga teacher training was diverse and deeply personal. Their philosophy of student being perfect and whole from the minute you walk in the door created a beautiful learning environment. Their faculty was highly present throughout the training, rolling with the waves of excitement, curiosity, vulnerability, introspection, and connection with students. As a class, we were witness to challenges and transformation.

Attention was given to educating students in self care and in keeping a regular mindfulness practice. I have gained more yoga tradition infused in my personal practice, day to day. Both, the spiritual and physical practice within yoga have been developed for me within this training. Importantly, each student has been given the opportunity to be unique and individual while offering their talents to a whole larger than themselves."

- Duncan Raster

“Unfold's yoga teacher training went beyond my expectations. The teachers and guest teachers bring impressive depth and breadth of experience and expertise in the yoga tradition, and soul-deep commitment to creating truly accessible and inclusive yoga.”
- Laura Etherton

“This is an amazing program that focuses on inclusivity and accessibility. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to deepen their own yoga practice and then take it out into the world to serve others!”

- Christina Speilvogel

“It was a life changing experience. I would highly recommend their teacher training to others.”

- Justice Knepp

“Appreciate the focus on accessibility and adapting yoga to populations who are often excluded from yoga. Leigh, EB and Rachel are super knowledgeable and supportive.”

- Rose Bak

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