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Unfold 200-hr ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training 2022-23
Accessible, Inclusive, Adaptive

Our 2022-23 training is underway. Please email us 

at to be added to the 

announcements list for our Fall 2023 program.

Whether you want to expand or launch your yoga teaching to include diverse populations or use movement in a therapeutic practice, the Unfold Yoga Teacher Training will help you apply the concepts of yoga professionally and personally. 

Our Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour yoga teacher training is great for those who:

  • Want to teach yoga in various settings: medical, community, studios, online and one-on-one

  • Expect to use yoga in clinical or therapeutic relationships

  • Want to deepen their practice, particularly with regard to personal development and social justice.

YOU are Welcome to our
Yoga Teacher Training

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What will you learn?


  • Skillfully use adaptive and accessible yoga techniques, so that you can teach sensitive populations with confidence.

  • Learn yoga through a social justice and dismantling racism lens, to further your efforts in your own personal activism.

  • Use trauma informed and neuroscience-oriented methods, to effectively "do no harm" and facilitate healing in yourself and others.

  • Understand what is cultural appropriation and how we can best honor yoga traditions, where they come from, and who may be impacted by our choices.

  • Understand the spiritual aspects of yoga.

  • Experience the applied benefits of using yoga philosophy into daily life.

  • Connect and utilize the benefits of applying yoga to therapeutic practice. 

  • Learn to create partnership with others that benefits both professional, therapeutic, teaching and personal relationships

  • Use practical applications of living your yoga as service to the world

Our Online Yoga Teacher Training is great for those who want practical, applied methods for taking their yoga into their communities, as well as to apply these teachings in their own lives.  It is well-suited to community, mental health and wellness professionals who want simple, accessible techniques that are complimentary to what they are already doing. 


It's great for parents and caretakers who want to learn to be a resilient, compassionate supporter, as well as learn techniques to help others. 


And it's excellent for those ready to explore the personal benefits of self-discovery and applied social justice.

This training will build each person's awareness of how social injustice intersects with the yoga world, and how we can use our own positionality to create incremental, substantive change.  It challenges participants to make choices in yoga practices and offerings to reduce harm and honor each person's experience and intentions. 

Our Online Yoga Teacher Training helps you to truly embrace the best parts of yourself, and to use yoga, social justice, brain science and compassion to be the best, most engaged member of the human race you can be! 

Unfold YTT Faculty & Advisors 2020-21

Click each teacher's photo to learn more about them.

EB Ferdig (she/her)

EB Ferdig (she/her)

EB will teach about how to help students develop agency in their movement, breath and meditation practices. She will cover chair yoga, as well as building community partnerships.

Michelle Johnson (she/her)

Michelle Johnson (she/her)

Michelle will teach about intersections of social justice and yoga, as well as how we can bring this into our own practice and teaching.

Leigh Drake (she/her)

Leigh Drake (she/her)

Leigh will teach about physical anatomy, subtle anatomy, the Bhagavad Gita and Yin Yoga.

Kusum Rao (they/them)

Kusum Rao (they/them)

Kusum will share perspectives on cultural appropriation, Sanskrit pronunciation, gender equity and inclusion and anti-fat bias in yoga settings.

Liz Eisman (Liz/Liz)

Liz Eisman (Liz/Liz)

Liz will teach about the brain, trauma, neuroplasticity, and vagal tone.

Rachel Plies (she/her)

Rachel Plies (she/her)

Rachel will be teaching about how to use dharma talks in your classes to create connection and continuity. She will also teach how to make a flow class accessible to all levels.

Hear from our graduates

Topics we will cover

  • Understanding the basics of trauma and the brain

  • Teaching Accessible and Adaptive Yoga styles for all bodies

    • including some Mindful Flow Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga

  • Yoga through a Social Justice Lens

    • including anti-racism, anti-fat bias, cultural appropriation and gender equity​

  • Yoga philosophy and anatomy 

  • Best practices for online teaching

  • How to lead guided meditation

  • Safely teaching people experiencing pain conditions​

  • Creating a flow movement sequence for a group with varied abilities

Upon completion of program, if you complete required hours and coursework, you will be eligible for Yoga Alliance 200-RYT Certification. 


We require that applicants have a minimum of 6 months experience as a yoga student, and they have a basic knowledge of yoga postures.  When we have more applicants than spots within a category, we will make a determination based on the applicant's potential to make an impact in their own communities.  We appreciate when applicants have taken at least 1-2 classes at Unfold, so that they are aware of our approach.

Equity-based Rate Structure / Scholarships

Our training is small by design.  We have just 12 spaces for trainees so that each person will have individual attention from faculty, and so that everyone will feel connected, known and have a sense of belonging.

Our program includes unlimited yoga and meditation classes at Unfold during the training period for no additional cost.

We are offering four spots within each price category.  In your application, you will have the opportunities to share the circumstances you're coming from.  Those with more financial means are encouraged to choose the higher rate categories.  Spaces may be competitive, and if that's the case, we will determine placement based on potential for impact in the communities you have access.  We encourage BIPOC folks, Spanish speaking folks, community health workers to apply.

  > >   $2400 - if you have financial security and can pay for the true cost of the training.  (Deposit is $400, followed by 5 more monthly payments of $400.)

  > >   $1800 - If you have some financial need/vulnerability that prohibits you from paying for the true cost of the training. (Deposit is $300, followed by 5 more monthly payments of $300.)

  > >   $1200 - If you have financial need/vulnerability and need a supported rate. (Deposit is $200, followed by 5 more monthly payments of $200.)

  > >   $900 - For BIPOC applicants with financial need. (Deposit is $150, followed by 5 more monthly payments of $150.)

Note: People who chose the pay-in-full rate will receive a thank you gift of Michelle Johnson's book "Skill in Action," which we will use in the training.

We are accepting and reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

Training Timeframe - 2022-23


The Unfold Yoga Teacher Training is a six month training program.  We will meet for six weekends over six months (Saturdays & Sundays 10am - 6pm pst with a one hour lunch break).  Additionally we will meet most Wednesday evenings (6 - 8pm pst), with ample time off in November & December.  

September 24 - 25

October 22-23

November 12 - 13

December 3-4

January 28-29

February 25 - 26

March 26 (3 hrs only)

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