Unfold 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

Accessible, Inclusive, Adaptive

Our 2019-20 YTT program is full.  Please email us at info@unfoldportland.com to be placed on our dedicated YTT mailing list and to receive information re: our next offerings!  Thanks!

Whether you want to expand or launch your yoga teaching to include diverse populations or use movement in a therapeutic practice, the Unfold Yoga Teacher Training will help you apply the concepts of yoga professionally and personally.  (Please note scholarship opportunities at the bottom of this page).

The Unfold Yoga Teacher Training is great for those who:

  • Want to teach yoga in various settings

  • Expect to use yoga in clinical or therapeutic relationships

  • Want to go deeper into their practice

Why Unfold's Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Skillfully use adaptive/accessible yoga techniques, so that you can teach sensitive populations with confidence.

  • Learn yoga through a social justice and dismantling racism lens, to further your efforts in your own personal activism

  • Use trauma-informed and neuroscience-oriented methods, to effectively "do no harm" and facilitate healing in yourself and others.

  • Understand the spiritual aspects of yoga, so that you can really benefit from the richness of this ancient tradition.

  • Experience applied benefits of taking yoga philosophy off the mat.

  • Connect and utilize the benefits of applying yoga to therapeutic practice. 

  • Learn to create partnership with others that benefits both professional, therapeutic, teaching and personal relationships

  • Use practical applications of living your yoga as service to the world

​Our Yoga Teacher Training is great for those who want practical, applied methods for taking their yoga into the world.  It's great for people who want to not only study the history of yoga and the associated texts, but to also learn ways to apply these teachings in their lives.  It is well-suited to mental health and wellness professionals who want integrated techniques that are complimentary to what they are already doing.  It's great for parents and caretakers who want to learn to be a resilient, compassionate supporter, as well as learn techniques to help others.  And it's excellent for those ready to explore the personal benefits of self-discovery and applied social justice.

Our Yoga Teacher Training helps you to truly embrace the best parts of yourself, and to use yoga, social justice, brain science and compassion to be the best, most engaged member of the human race you can be!  (Please see our faculty below).


Cost & Payment plans: 

The cost of the Unfold Yoga Teacher Training is $2950.

Pay in full discount is $150.

Payment plans are: $500 deposit in May, then $350/mo June - December.

Payment for the yoga teacher training can be spread out in payment plans over eight months, May- December. Some work trade options may also be available, to reduce tuition.


Scholarships: We have diversity and community health worker scholarships to help make our training more accessible to all, AND to get the tools of yoga to a wider range of people in the world. 

Scholarships make the tuition half price:  $1475.

Payment plan: $250 deposit in May, then $175/mo June - December.

Please email info@unfoldportland.com to request a scholarship application.  Indicate which application you would like to be considered for.  (NOTE: all scholarships have been awarded at this point for the 2019-20 cohort).

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Please email info@unfoldportland.com to request an application.

One weekend per month, September 2019- March 2020. 

The weekends for our yoga teacher training will be:  September 6 - 8, October 4 - 6, November 1 - 3, December 6 - 8, January 10 - 12, February 7 - 9, & March 6 - 8.  Approximate meeting times will be: Fridays 1 - 8pm, and Sat/Sun 8am - 5.30pm.

In addition to the in-person group meetings, students will do approximately 80 hours of observation, self-directed study, and mentoring.  These hours are flexible.

​What you will learn:

  • Teaching Accessible and Adaptive Yoga styles

    • i.e. Yin, Restorative, Gentle, Mindful Flow & Chair Yoga

  • Yoga through a Social Justice Lens

  • Yoga history, philosophy, anatomy and neuroscience

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Yoga for Larger Bodies​

  • ​Yoga for Chronic Pain

  • Trauma-informed modalities

Upon completion of program, if you complete required hours, you will be eligible for Yoga Alliance 200-RYT Certification.  For more about our decision on that subject, please read more here.

Have questions?  Please shoot us an email at info@unfoldportland.com to request a meeting with our YTT staff!

Hear from our graduates!

Unfold YTT Faculty

We are currently taking one-on-one meetings to help people learn whether this is the right program at the right time for them! Email info@unfoldportland.com to schedule a meeting with Unfold staff, or to request an application, or to simply join our YTT mailing list!