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Leigh Drake (she/her)

Leigh Drake assisting student with chair-supported downward faciing dog.

Leigh is skilled at breaking down the concepts and practices of yoga and meditation into simple,  practical skills that can open the door to a full and meaningful approach to life.   Her classes and 1:1 therapy sessions revolve around a continuing journey of paying attention to one's own body and experience with gentle curiosity and compassion.  These skills lead to a more meaningful participation in our relationships, and an approach to life that is infused with awe and wonder.  


A co-founder of Unfold Yoga and Meditation, I have completed hundreds of hours of study since I began my yoga teacher journey in 2009.  I continue to study and explore, gaining an ever deeper understanding of what it means to be human, and the importance of self-compassion and connection.  An experienced teacher, I hold credentials from Yoga Alliance as an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT500) and as a continuing education professional (YACEP).  


Classes With Leigh

Meditation Techniques

Second Fridays  5:30 - 6.30pm pst

Strength & Balance

Mondays noon - 1pm pst

Gentle Core Strength

Saturdays 9 - 10.15am pst





"Leigh’s meditation classes offer a different and often more accessible approach to mindfulness. It’s an approach that embraces the full experience of being alive as a way to expand awareness. Learning from Leigh has helped my practice become more joyful and less formal; something woven into my everyday life. If you’ve been feeling like you “should” meditate but just don’t, try a class or series with Leigh. She knows a ton, has a sense of humor, and has way of making centuries-old techniques feel accessible and do-able today. ~LE"

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