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Community Partnerships

We offer chair-based practices in community settings that facilitate connection, belonging, self-effiacy and pain management. We offer a non-dogmatic approach that gives people the opportunity to engage themselves on multiple levels (physical, mental/emotional, energetic, spiritual), in this way, acknowledging their whole self. 

This multi-layered approach is inherent in yoga.

Classes for clients

Classes for Staff

Training for Staff

Self-regulation tools

  • Chair-based Movement

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Nervous System Intervention Skills

Onsite or livestream classes:

  • Self-care support

  • Stress and burnout reduction

  • Capacity building for integrated care

Half-day to Two-day trainings:

  • Accessible trauma-informed exercises

  • Movement when chronic pain is present

  • Capacity building for integrated care

We are seeking new partnerships - please contact us to learn more!

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