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The Unfold Remote Wellness Program

 62% of remote workers report difficulty maintaining their

physical wellbeing

and 55% struggle with their mental health.

This affects your company's culture as well as its bottom line.

The Unfold Remote Wellness Program helps companies convey care to remote employees. 

We help people feel connected to their bodies and minds with small, online movement & meditation classes with teachers who care about each person as an individual.

In today's demanding work environment, maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle can be challenging, especially for remote employees.


Your employees well-being is essential to your company's success.  Your employees' productivity, morale, connection and engagement decrease when they aren't able to access movement and other stress reduction strategies.  

Unfold creates a highly-supportive, accessible environment that truly helps people connect to themselves, with mindful, body-positive approaches to movement practices. 

The Unfold Remote Wellness Program includes:

  • Bundles of unlimited class memberships for your employees 

  • Admission to quarterly wellness programming (January features a sober-curious series).

  • Outreach materials to engage and inspire your team

  • Program evaluation and continuous improvement

Working From Home

How Do We Help People to Take Wellness Breaks?

1. Small, Personalized Livestream Movement and Meditation Classes (15 - 18 weekly classes)

2. On-Demand Library with similar body-positive, accessible approach.

3. Wellness Topics for Exploration, including monthly focus topics and quarterly series classes (i.e. sober-curious programming) to increase interest and practical application.

4. Technology Integration (phone app, online scheduling, push notifications, etc)

Check out our class schedule

We offer 15-18 livestream classes weekly.  Each class has a max of fifteen students, to ensure personalized attention.  Each time a student registers for class they can be in touch with their teacher re: injuries, concerns or requests.  All teachers are highly trained and body-positive.

Check out our schedule & class descriptions!

Get a Quote

We are enrolling companies to start as early as January 2024.  Email us at with your company name, best contact and total number of remote workers to get a quote or set up an informational call with E.B. Ferdig, Unfold owner and program director.

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