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E.B. FERDIG (she/her)

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E.B. loves helping people find physical and mental practices to suit their own needs and abilities.  She is a certified yoga therapist (since 2009) and works with diverse populations across the city of Portland. 


E.B. teaches chair yoga, gentle core strength, werq dance fitness, and resistance band strengthening classes.  She's excited about helping people increase their physical strength, to feel more empowered in other aspects of life.

She specializes in working with folks with anxiety and substance use disorders, as well as the sober-curious among us.

E.B. is the owner and director of Unfold.  She is also a health and life coach.

Classes With E.B.

Resistance Band Training

Tuesdays noon - 12.30pm pst


Gentle Core Strengthening

Tuesdays 7 - 8pm pst

Thursdays 9 - 10am pst

WERQ Dance Fitness

Thursdays noon - 12.40pm pst

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