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Finding Rest and Inspiration in the Season of Change

Awe, awesome change! As I write this, the bright orange and yellow leaves are quickly falling off of the beautiful trees outside of my window. The season of change moving from brilliance to rest.

The Alchemy Crystal bowls inspire a sense of awe as well; I am amazed at how the sounds of the bowls change all of the time. The combination of shifts in the environment seems to impact them and they respond to so many things that I just take for granted; temperature, humidity, people, location, physical space and who knows what else. It reminds me that like them, I am part of the larger environment and yet I usually ignore the simple truth of connection as I bulldoze through my life as though each day is no different from any other, with perhaps small exceptions based on whether the weather supports me or just gets in the way of me and my “to-do” list. Watching the leaves, playing the bowls, and sitting on my cushion all remind me that I am part of this amazing universe, and intrinsically connected to all of it! For me that simple truth is comforting and inspiring.

Leigh's alchemy crystal bowls

If you are ready to press the pause button and embrace change, please join Ashley and me for the deeply nurturing autumn offering of the vibration of the bowls combined with meditation. I encourage you to sign up in advance, as the previous events all sold out. You can register here.

Join Leigh Drake & Ashley Dahl for:

Seasonal Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation

Sunday, October 27, 7 - 8pm

at Unfold, 2370 SE 37th Avenue

Just 5 spots left!

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