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Finding Spaciousness and Peace

Tonight I'm looking forward to family getting together for this long and dark night.  There is something so cozy about hanging out in the kitchen and preparing food while enjoying the company of those we love.  The chance to reconnect, share, and remember is what makes these long nights so special and so very memorable.  My heart rejoices!

In my experience, my meditation practice is the singular thing that helps me be in a place of connection instead of the place of harry and overwhelm.  The sitting practice, similar to yoga practice, is the place where I can have a safe, contained experience of spaciousness and peace.  Then, as I move through my very busy life, the spaciousness and peace continue to be with me.  Or, when I’ve stepped into harried and overwhelmed, the act of simply remembering and reembodying the experience of peace is enough to bring me back to connection.  At least most of the time.

If you would like to experience a practice focused on remembering and reembodying peace and spaciousness, please join me and Ashley Dahl on Sunday, January 5 from 7-8 for our season sound bath meditation.  Preregistration is best; you can read more and then save your spot here.

We look forward to seeing you!

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