Keeping it simple

Life is complicated. Time is limited. Managing my needs, the needs of those I love, my community, our planet. It seems to go on and on and on…

So I sit down to meditate, hoping to find some peace, some quiet. But it’s not always quiet ‘in there’. The to-do list doesn’t just disappear. The voices don’t either, actively seeking my attention. What to do? Does this mean I’m a bad meditator? That an ideal meditation is accessible to some people but not to me?

We can keep it simple, whether in meditation or in community. Instead of trying to fix things or people or relationships, we can simply listen. Just listen. Listen to the people around us, with curiosity and an open heart. Listen to our own needs that show up as inner dialogue. Not needing to fix, but willing to be transformed by what we hear.

Simple listening can be an act of radical surrender as we let go of agenda and beliefs, and turn toward compassion and connection.