The Space of the Heart

Tenderness. Love. Joy. Times when our heart just melts; it’s almost painful to experience the heart-felt emotions, the heart becomes so big! And there is the other side, the OUCH! The pain of missing a loved one, of not being heard, of being dismissed, of not connecting.

In Sanskrit, the word anāhata translates to unstruck, undamaged, unwounded. Among other things, it refers to the nature of our heart space, our heart energy. The teaching is that there is a level of our heart that is never wounded. So, the pain of difficult memories may never go away, but we can return to an experience of the essential truth of our wholeness and the nature of our love.

One of the philosophies of yoga is that the underlying nature of the created world is made of opposites; dark and light, hot and cold, smooth and rough. We don’t need to pick one as the truth or as the “right” one, we can hold the two opposites as both true. In this case the pain of disconnection and the expansiveness of connection and love are both true and accessible.