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The Union of Opposites: Terror and Joy

For a while now, I’ve noticed that I want to focus on the good things in life and pretend that the bad doesn’t exist. It’s not part of “my world”. I want only happiness and beauty, love and joy.

But this world doesn’t work like that. And in fact, when I refuse to see the dark side, when I refuse to feel the terror of aloneness or the dark desperation of peoples actions in the world, I am also cutting myself off from deep joy, connection, compassion and love. All the things I am longing for.

In our meditation practice we can begin to explore, with gentleness and tenderness, the edges of our fear. Using self compassion and a commitment to expanding our tolerance for pain we can begin to reclaim our inherent joy.

If you would like to check out some techniques that help add connection to your meditation practice and your life, join me for our monthly Meditation Techniques class on Friday 12/17 at 5:30 pst. You can reserve your spot here!

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