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The Yoga of Connection: Relationships and meditation

Often when we think of meditation, the expectation is that it is quiet and blissful and filled with peace. But, since many of us are practicing meditation as householders, (people who have families and jobs and relationships) a good part of meditation is, at times, filled with thoughts or worries about our loved ones. This is normal and expected.

What if we can use our love and concern to more fully connect with life? Our relationships are the places of connection where we practice our yoga, so there is no need to push our concern and our love away. We can bring our relationships and our whole selves into our meditation and allow our loving bonds to be the connection point that shines through, that guides us through worry and concern and into a wholeness that includes all parts of our busy lives.

Similar to Loving Kindness meditation, we can hold the idea of a loved one tenderly in our meditation or at any point in an ordinary day when we feel inspired to infuse our presence with love and connection. Like meditating on the breath, we have the ability to do this at any place and time to foster connection not only with that person, but with others who enter our sphere as we reorient ourselves to our own, true, loving nature.

If you would like to check out some techniques that help add connection to your meditation practice and your life, join me for our monthly Meditation Techniques class on Friday 11/12 at 5:30 pst. You can reserve your spot here!

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