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Anahata Chakra in the New Year

Monthly topics at Unfold give us something to focus on, something new to learn, and hopefully give us a new way to look at ourselves.

This month, we're on the 4th chakra - the Anahata chakra. It is associated with the heart, with love, compassion, empathy and self-acceptance. The word anahata means "unstruck," and suggests that this place, which is the seat of our ability to love and generate compassion for ourselves and others cannot be harmed nor broken.

This is a beautiful and hopeful concept, that although we experience heartbreak most days, to some degree or another, whether on a global scale or a personal one, that the place where we generate love is unharmed and is a resource we can always call upon.

If the Anahata chakra could talk, maybe it would tell us to approach anything like a New Year's resolution with awareness, caution and care. This time of year is a time of fresh starts, and some of us are looking to feel better in one way and another. How can we approach this without labeling previous strategies as "bad" or "good?"

Our previous strategies, no matter what they are, have successfully brought us to this point in our lives. They've been what we were able to access, given what was available.

And, self-love might nudge us to go further - to develop new strategies to help us feel more connected to ourselves and others. To find ways to honor our bodies, hearts and minds in a way that holds what is and has been with care and respect.

This is the opposite of a "new you" approach. The current you is a good you. It's a you that is worthy of love and respect. It is also worthy of growth, development and a reality that isn't limited by conditions of culture or conditioning.

We are capable of so much. We get to envision a life and a world that we're excited about. We get to say what it is we want, whether that be in terms of health, career, relationships or anything else. And that can be fueled by love, which we can connect to as the Anahata energy center, which ready to rise to the occasion.

We hope you'll join us to continue to explore this topic in our yoga classes. (We don't discuss the topic in our fitness classes).

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