Reverence for a Life Dedicated to Justice

Updated: Jan 24

Our topic of the month for October is reverence. When I think about what I have the most reverence for in this moment, it is for this person who dedicated her remarkable talents, intellect, energy and heart to the pursuit of justice for all: Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Although I can hardly stand that she's gone, and what might come next in the wake of this loss, it's a helpful frame to come back to reverence.

Honestly, I'm very daunted by the potential for fear and reactivity brings up. So much so that I've taken a news hiatus. Not an activism hiatus - I'm still taking all the actions I can to bring democracy back to our nation. But I've decided that for now, I need no other fuel for the fire that burns.

Reverence, however, doesn't feel like fuel for the fire. Rather, it feels like connection to something else that is also true. Like if we're angry or sad, but then go to the ocean or the Columbia River Gorge, and remember that in addition to the madness or the sadness, that there is also this true greatness. And that greatness