Connecting to Life Through the Senses

You need to do this. You should do that. This isn’t going the way I want. Why aren’t they doing what I want? Why is this sooooo hard????? Welcome to the annoying background thoughts of an annoying and frustrating day.

Being alive comes with both the ups and the downs. The background thoughts often reflect the desire to have life go just one way, the way where everything is “perfect”. This narrow view of what perfect is can lead to feeling isolated and alone in our struggle. Everyone else’s life is going great, right? Why not mine?

Walking the dog. Taking out the trash. Preparing a meal. Glancing out the window in the midst of a work task. Looking deeply at the person you are with. Each of these, and many many other moments in an ordinary day, provide an opportunity to connect with the pain and the joy of being alive.

In this moment, right now, what sense is most active for you? Check in with any of them.

What do you see? Looking out the window, I see the leafless winter trees that have beautiful diamond drops. Soon those drops will be replaced with buds, then before I know it leaves and the season will change. What do you see?

What do yo