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Trust and Meeting Ourselves Where We Are

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Our topic this month is trust. Trust is what is needed when we make changes. The bigger the change, the more that a leap-of-faith may be required to do the thing that is different from the norm. Sometimes, we don't have a choice to make a change, but when we do, we often need to utilize trust. It may be trusting a person, an organization, a government or just the Universe.

We employ trust when we take a chance to invest in a new direction. Some people take the chance to start (or re-start) making art, or to pursue physical movement practices after time away, or some people go back to school. With all of these changes, investments of time, attention and/or are money involved. And sometimes we are really "putting ourselves out there," and not knowing if we will end up with the desired outcome.

When we take risks like this, we are practicing trusting ourselves on the most local level, and we are trusting the Universe on the grandest level. That is, trusting that everything will be okay. (It will be okay to spend that money going back to school, or it'll be okay giving up that job, or it'll be okay to leave this relationship.) This is a big kind of trust. And we don't always call it trust. But can it be helpful to do so?

When I think of it this way, and use the word trust, it becomes a bit more intimate and potentially vulnerable.

Think for a moment about the phrase: "I trust."

I trust myself.

I trust you.

I trust that things will be okay.

These seem like big statements.

Maybe we can make it more accessible by making it smaller...

I trust myself to make a good choice in this yoga pose. I trust myself to rest when I need to take a break. I trust my body to breathe.

When we make the increments smaller, it's easier to see where we are regarding the skills we have in trusting, as well as opportunities for growth. When we can see where we are not yet ready to trust, it may be a good indicator of an opportunity for healing. Then, we have to deem whether the object of this trust relationship is worthy of trust. It's not always the right time to trust person x, or situation y.

Hopefully, in our yoga practices, we can learn to trust ourselves, and in practicing, we can even become more trustworthy. Maybe we can become less reactive, and therefore more trustworthy in the eyes of our loved ones. Maybe we can build more body trust. Or learn to trust our own discernment as to when to stop striving (or when to start!)

We hope you'll join us this month to explore aspects of trust - particularly how we trust our own selves. We have a couple new classes, and have moved a couple, too, so please take a look at the schedule changes below AND the new software announcement. Check out the announcement in our newsletter here.

Thank you for being a member of our community!


EB, Leigh, Rachel & the whole Unfold crew!

We talk about our topic of the month at the start of each class.

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