Try a Little Tenderness

In that classic song made famous by Otis Redding, he urges the listener to be tender with their beloved, for it makes weariness easier to bear. The beloved in this song is waiting.... anticipating for things "she'll never possess."

Otis Redding was from Georgia and died in 1967, at the age of 26, in a private airplane crash. If he was alive today, I wonder what he would think about voting rights in his home state. If there's something his beloved might not ever possess, it could be equal access to voting rights.

We continue to weather so much inequality in our country. And our process to become or remain woke to the suffering and inequity does cause weariness. Some of us bear the brunt of this weariness more than others, due to direct impacts of oppression. And others of us have more privilege and can wade-in as we like.

Either way, it causes weariness (to say the least). What do we "do" with this weariness?

Last month, we explored surrender - giving in to it. Practicing letting go and recognizing that our control of anything and everything very, very limited.

This moth, we try a little tenderness.