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My Wound Becomes a Portal

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

We all struggle. We all have pain. My “normal” way of moving through life is to ignore my pain and push on, to push through. Who hasn’t accepted the old ”no pain, no gain” idea at some level?

Yet my yoga practices teach me a different way of being. As a yoga asana (poses or physical practice) teacher I know well the importance of honoring my limits and the wisdom of my body to say when I have had enough. In my meditation practice I have come to understand the value of exploring and honoring my wounds.

Using a commitment to tender, honest exploration we can embrace the lessons of our wounding and our pain and use those gifts to expand the depth of our relationship with ourself and with others.

So, you may be wondering, “what has this got to do with me? Sure, I have pain, I have wounds. But there are others with much more pain than me.” While this is likely true, until we can recognize and accept our own pain, that pain will be working in the shadow realm and keep us stuck in old patterns of coping and living our life in a small, constrained way.

If you would like to experience some techniques that explore pain in the safety of your meditation practice, and let the gifts of your wounding impact your life, join me for our monthly Meditation Techniques class on Friday 1/14 at 5:30 pst. You can reserve your spot below.

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