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Being Alive in a Disconnected World

Do you ever have those days when you just aren’t “feelin' it”; just aren’t connecting to the way you want to BE in the world and in your relationships?

Some days I feel adrift in the external circumstances of life and struggle to find meaning and connection. Especially during this time of dealing with a pandemic, it is easy to feel alone, isolated, and uninvolved in the flow of life. These moments of feeling disconnected are an invitation to practice my yoga in the classic sense; the yoga of connection and that connection begins with myself…

Yoga offers so many tools, and one of the most powerful (and accessible) tools is coming home to this body; celebrating the powerful and amazing vehicle that we inhabit during our time on this planet. My go-to practice is Root to Rise.

Rooting: Just where you are, just how you are, feel your body right now. Feel your feet, your seat, or whatever else is supported by the earth or a chair or a whatever. We are always supported and connected somewhere, where is that for you in this moment? Take a few breaths in and out as you soak up the reality of support and connection.

Rising: now begin to notice the natural movement of being alive, the movement of breath. Keeping awareness of your ground and support, notice the rising movement that your body makes with every breath. Allow any intuitive movement to flow with your breath, maybe arching your spine or moving your arms or anything else that you feel in the moment. Continue as long as you like, re-membering your connection and your aliveness!

If you would like to connect to movement, aliveness, and being in your amazing body while in community, join me at noon on Tuesdays for a short 30 minute Lunchtime Reset class where we connect to our deepest selves and listen to what we need.

Click here to register for this Tuesday class 12 noon pst.

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