More Service, Less Talk?

I'm learning new ways of listening in this counseling program that I'm in. Learning about Non-Violent Communication and ways of being a better empathetic listener. It seems to me that it's not only helpful in counseling, but it will be helpful in healing our systems, our communities and our country.

I've always been more inclined to action than to inaction. I'm also learning that some people describe that as "Type A personality." Hmmmmm. Labels can be funny. Sometimes they're helpful, like when they help us see something we couldn't see before. When they presents paths forward that were obscured because of habit or bias. And sometimes labels are NOT helpful, like when they make us feel limited, judged or separate from one another. Ultimately, if a label is helpful or not is entirely subjective, based on the perspective and attitude of the person or people using it. And even if it's helpful for one person, it may be simultaneously harmful to another.

I digress. But maybe it just gets back to the point I was trying to make about listening. Maybe there's a point when we've said what we need to say, and then we need to come around to the listening