Stillness in the Heat of Things

Updated: Jan 24

As I sit here, waiting for the heat to descend upon Portland, I am reminded of other heated times of late. Particularly heated discussions with my family. They are expected conversations, about support, independence, and the right balance between the two. Just now I feel fine, but at the time, it was heated.

When we're in those heated moments of discomfort, it can sometimes be hard to remember that relative stillness is coming. Discomforts in life ebb and flow. Yoga describes this as the "fluctuations of the mind-stuff." Of course, at the time, we rarely think "oh, yes, that's just my mind-stuff fluctuating! I'm sure that stillness is right around the corner." Yet, it does come. Even in the most difficult situations, the relative difficulty ebbs and flows. Things do change.

The opportunity, is to recognize the stillness when it comes. Sometimes times of peace, quiet and relative comfort can get gobbled up by other mind-stuff. Sometimes we "borrow trouble," when we wonder what we're missing out on, when we focus on what we don't have, or what is not yet right in the world.